Xiamen Green Way Electronic Technology is specialized in producing every kind of ceramic heaters. Our main products are soldering iron &station ceramic heater; Auto oxygen sensor(lambda sensor)heater and ceramic water heater. They are widely used in the field of soldering tools, auto parts and so on. We have got six patents in the field of ceramic heater such as it is fast heating rate, special welding skill. We are also certificate of ISO9001-2008. 【Detail】
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MORE Products
  • GR400
    GR400 length:117mm diameter:11mm Voltage:220VAC Resistance:25Ω
  • GR401
    GR401 length:109mm diameter:11.7mm Voltage:220VAC Resistance:25Ω
  • GR313
    GR313 length:70mm diameter:4.0mm Voltage:110VAC Resistance:175Ω
  • GR307
    GR307 length:60mm diameter:3.8mm Voltage:110VAC Resistance:220Ω
  • GR308
    GR308 length:60mm diameter:3.8mm Voltage:110VAC Resistance:310Ω
  • GR309
    GR309 length:80mm diameter:50mm Voltage:119VAC Resistance:39Ω
  • GR310
    GR310 length:80mm diameter:5.0mm Voltage:220VAC Resistance:125Ω
  • GR312
    GR312 length:70mm diameter:4.0mm Voltage:110VAC Resistance:125Ω
  • GR331
    GR331 length:60mm diameter:4.3mm Voltage:24VAC Resistance:1.75Ω
  • GR003
    GR003 length:59mm diameter:3.7mm Voltage:13VDC Resistance:3.4Ω
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